Ramada Iftaar

Ramadan Iftar

(Fast-Breaking Dinner)

The Rhodes Muslim Student Association is hosting a campus-wide FREE dinner (Iftar) Monday, September 14th in Barret 051 at 7:20pm. Shiekh Yasir Qadhi, Ph.D. Candidate at Yale University, will deliver the Keynote Address entitled “Being Muslim in America.”

Monday September 14th

7:20pm, Barret 051


Art of Fashion Costumes

Check out photos of the models in costumes from April 1 Art of Fashion event!

Islamic Dress Code

Click here to review the presentation from April 1 "Art of Clothing" event!

Art Of Fashion Map

Click here to See the map of where the clothing and jewelry featured in "Art of Clothing" came from!

Extra Fashion Articles

Check out other items from Prof. Birnbaum's collection, that were not showed in the event.

News and Information from Rhodes College

News and Information from Rhodes College

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The exhibit you must see. Click to see Larger image!

FREE DINNER Catered by Pyramid Restaurant and Grill